Al Ittimad Foundations L.L.C.

Al Ittimad Foundations L.L.C. is one of the leading Piling Contractors in the U.A.E., duly recognized by Abu Dhabi Municipality, Public Works Department, Department of Social Affairs & Commercial Buildings and other Governmental Departments. Our organization is registered as a General Contracting Firm.

Al Ittimad Foundations L.L.C. commenced its operations in 1989, had contributed immensely to Piling Foundations Engineering in Abu Dhabi, always committed to service and quality, and has the resources and flexibility to fully meet our Clients’ requirements in Piling and related geo-technological engineering fields, successfully executed large piling contracts and civil construction works in Abu Dhabi and the surrounding islands.


Below you can view the organizational chart for Al Ittimad Foundations L.L.C. and see exactly how the company workforce is divided and what responsibilities everyone has to undertake to ensure quality work and our core values are always met.


  • Piling Works Casing or C.F.A. for all types of civil work.
  • Construction of Secant Pile Wall.
  • Sheet Piling Works.
  • Steel H-Beam Shoring Works.
  • Dredging Channels for Yachts and Minor Docking Facilities.
  • Specialists in Construction of Jetty Works.
  • Floating Jetty Works.

Company Profile, Licenses & Certificates